UN International Year of Forests: Concluding Events

University of British Columbia, Faculty of Forestry

BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

University of Washington,
School of Environmental and Forest Sciences

UBC Forestry Graduate
Student Association









All events take place at University of British Columbia Faculty of Forestry, Forest Sciences Centre 2424 Main Mall, Vancouver


February 23, Thursday – Networking Night: Promoting Professional Careers

CAWP Classroom (2964/65)


5:30 pm

Welcome and tour of graduate student research posters

6:30 pm

Opening speech by Doug Konkin, Deputy Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources Operations of British Columbia

6:45 pm

Introduction to the event by Forestry Graduate Student Association (FGSA) executives

7:00 pm

Brief presentations by professionals



Tiina Vähänen, Team Leader of Climate Change Coordination and REDD, FAO



Susanna Laaksonen-Craig, Resource Stewardship Division of MFLNRO



Keith Atkinson, BC First Nation Forestry Council



Neil Hughes, Eco-trust Canada



Ken Baker, Forest Innovation Investment Ltd.

7:30 pm

Informal networking with graduate students

9:00 pm

End of networking event


February 24, Friday – Future Forestry Leaders: graduate Student Research Symposium

Fletcher Challenge Theatre (FSC 1005)


8:00 am

Registration (coffee and tea)

8:30 am



Communicating Cultural Values of a Sacred Forest



In-Ae  Kim, University of British Columbia


Climate-growth relations for white spruce in southwest Yukon, Canada: instability related to the PDO



Raphael  Chavardes, University of British Columbia


The Potential of Forest derived Bioenergy in China’s Future energy and transportation fuel requirements



Ling Li, University of British Columbia


A Research Agenda for Tribal Lands in the United States: Integration of Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Western Science



Chris Beatty, University of Washington


Smallholder Eucalyptus Plantation Forestry in Eastern Paraguay: a Case Study of Silvicultural, Economic, and Environmental Context



Jake Grossman, University of Washington


Combining Sociological and Ecological Research Approaches to Investigate the Role of the Water Monitor Lizard (Varanus salvator) in Indonesia



Linda Uyeda, University of Washington

10:30 am

Health break

11:00 am



The Role of Government in The Development of Small and Medium Forest Enterprises:

Case Studies From the Gambia



Fernanda Tomaselli, University of British Columbia


Carbon Credits for Cookstoves: Balancing Win-Win Benefits with Carbon Financing



Olivia Freeman, University of British Columbia


The Problem of Context in LCAs: The Implications of Moore’s Law



Justin Bull, University of British Columbia


Forest Certification in Asia: The Changing Marketplace for Value Added Wood Product Manufacturers in China and Vietnam



Tait Bowers, University of Washington


Incorporating Holistic Methodologies in Assessing Wind Resource Availability for the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes of Montana



Laurel James, University of Washington


History of fire at the Las Joyas Research Station in the Sierra de Manantlán Biosphere Reserve, Jalisco and Colima, México



Brooke Cassell, University of Washington

1:00 pm

Lunch break

2:00 pm



Forestry: a Strategic Avenue for Aboriginal Economic Development



Jean-Michel Beaudoin, University of British Columbia


Making the New Relationship Work: Crown-First Nations Shared Decision-Making in the Great Bear Rainforest



Laura Bird, University of British Columbia


First Nations Agreements and Forest Carbon Offsets



Lori Sparrow, University of British Columbia


Construction Professionals’ Environmental Perceptions of Lumber, Concrete and Steel in Japan and China



Daisuke Sasatani, University of Washington


Convention on Biological Diversity: Understanding Domestic Implementation



Sebastian Tramon, University of Washington


The Impact of Export Policies on the Development of the Forest Products Sector in the Russian Far East



John Simeone, University of Washington



4:00 pm

Poster session (coffee/tea) (Atrium)


University of Washington Posters:


“Forest and Forest Revitalization Plan“: new initiative for revitalizing forest and forestry by the Japanese government



Yoshihiko Aga


Developing a Tribal Brand for Native American Forest Products



Indroneil Ganguly, Ivan Eastin


Bring Resident Perspectives in Watershed Management:  Case Study of Maplewood Neighborhood in Lower Cedar River Basin, Washington



Yu-Chi Huang


National to Local:  A Pre & Post Assessment of FCCS Landscape Variables for the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of Montana, USA.



Laurel James


China’s Forest Sector: Production Efficiency, Foreign Investment, and Trade and Illegal Logging



Alicia Robbins


Integrating Vegetation Indices, Spatial Structure and Biophysical Data to Measure Land Cover Change



Maura Shelton




University of British Columbia Posters:


Optimization of Forest Biomass Supply Chain for District Heat Generation in Williams Lake, BC



Shaghaygh Akhtari, Taraneh Sowlati, Ken Day


A North American pest paradise: what can we learn about fungal-beetle-tree interactions using population genomics of the fungal pathogen Grosmannia clavigera



Sepideh M. Alamouti, Sajeet Haridas, Colette Breuil


Fitness Consequences of Habitat Use:  Effects of habitat and instream flow on growth in an endangered stream fish, Nooksack Dace



Stephanie Avery-Gomm, John Richardson, Jordan Rosenfeld


Aboriginal Business and Collaboration (ABC) in Forestry



Jean-Michel Beaudoin, Harry Nelson, William Nikolakis


Upcoming Research in the Stream & Riparian Research Lab



Kirsten Campbell, Tonya Ramey, John Richardson


From Biomass Waste to fuels: The biochemical conversion of agricultural and forest residues to ethanol and bioproducts



Carolina Chanis, Sabrina Burkhardt, Richard P. Chandra, Jack N. Saddler


Resin efficiency for Non-structural panels



Jörn Dettmer, Greg Smith


Selection and quantitative genetics of laying date in song sparrows



Martha Essak, Peter Arcese


Community Associations: Toward Sustainable Rural Development in Peru



Andrea M. Vasquez Fernandez, John Innes, Rob Kozak


How improved enzymes can help us evolve from a hydrocarbon based to a carbohydrate/biomass based economy



Keith Gourlay, Amadeus Pribowo, Jinguang Ju, Valdeir Arantes, Jack Saddler


Assessing the keys and barriers to success in the secondary wood products manufacturing sector



Philip Grace, Harry Nelson


Natural Fiber/Polymer Composites in Structural Applications



Shayesteh Haghdan, Gregory D. Smith


Balancing conservation and development in Ghana:  The role of social capital and gender in the success of community ecotourism



Ana Elia Ramon Hidalgo, Howard Harshaw, Robert Kozak


Densification did not restrict the bioconversion of softwood to sugars



Linoj Kumar, Zahra Tooyserkani, Jack Saddler, Shahab Sokhansanj


Producing different types of liquid fuels from cellulosic biomass:  Overcoming the challenge of fermentation inhibitors



Seena L Kumar, Maya Piddocke, Nuwan Sella Kapu


Evaluating the genome-wide effects of selective tree breeding on adaptive diversity for future climates



Ian MacLachlan, Sally Aitken


AdapTree:  Assessing the adaptive portfolio of reforestation stocks for future climates



Ian MacLachlan, C. Susannah Tysor, Pia Smets Tongli Wang, Sally Aitken, Rob Kozak


No Forest without Soil. Soil Biota Communities Influence on Carbon and Nitrogen Biogeochemical Cycles in Reconstructed Oil Sands Soils, Alberta



Jacynthe Masse, Jeff Anderson, Sue J. Grayston, Cindy Prescott


Using natural variability pattern strategies to understand multiple anthropogenic disturbances for forested landscapes of Alberta



Paul Pickell, David Andison, Nicholas Coops


A multi-criteria decision-making model for developing partnerships in the forest products supply chain



Mehdi Piltan, Negar Abdolahzadeh, Taraneh Sowlati, Robert Kozak


Tactical value chain optimization of a wood biomass power plant



Nazanin Shabani, Taraneh Sowlati


Does intraspecific variation in burst swim capacity reflect early life history in sockeye salmon?



Natalie Sopinka, Charlotte Whitney, Andrew Lotto, Scott Hinch


Hotspots of Ecosystem Services on Floodplains in the Interior Columbia Basin



Stephanie Tomscha, Sarah E. Gergel


Analysis of Strand Motion in OSB Blender Using Discrete Element Modeling



Ying-Li (Ingrid) Tsai, Gregory D. Smith


3-D Modelling of forest structure for parameterization of radiative transfer models



Martin van Leeuwen, Nicholas Coops


Outbreak in the southwest Yukon, Canada: relationship between temperature and the 1994-2006 spruce bark beetle epidemic



Patrick Waeber, Corentin Clement, Raphael Chavardes


Synthesis of silk-cellulose copolymers for biomedical materials applications



S. Scott Wasko, Solmaz K. Kamkar, Olena Rabotyagova, Margaret Lo, John F Kadla



5:00 pm

Schaffer lecture: Safeguarding Natural Resources: Forestry in International Debates



Tiina Vähänen, Team Leader of Climate Change Coordination and REDD, FAO

6:00 pm

Closing remarks and prize announcements

6:10 pm


7:30 pm

End of Day 2


February 25, Saturday - Field trip



8:15 am

Departure from Forest Sciences Centre at UBC

10:15 am

Arrival to Squamish Nation Community Hall

10:30 am

Chief’s welcome, history of the nation

11:00 am

Land use plan, forest stewardship and forestry business activities (Natural Resources Manager)

12:00 pm

Traditional lunch

1:00 pm

Site visit: cultural

3:00 pm

Bus leaves for return trip to UBC