Executive Board Members

  • Karri Anderson
    Interra USA
  • Catalino Blanche, Forest Biologist
    USDA, CSREES, Nat. Res. & Env.
  • Rose Braden
    Evergreen Building Products Association
  • Mark Calhoon, Sr. Managing Director
    WA State Dept of Commerce - Business Services Div.
  • Ivan Eastin, Director
    Center for International Trade in Forest Products
    University of Washington
  • Bov Eav, Director
    USFS-PNW Research Station
  • Peter Goldmark, Commissioner of Public Lands
    WA State Dept of Natural Resources
  • Joe Guizzetti, CEO
  • Don Haid, Director
    Weyerhaeuser Company/Markets & Economic Research
  • Tom Hinckley, Interim Director
    School of Forest Resources
    University of Washington
  • Barabara Kuhn, Coordinator
    International Business Programs, Business & Mgmt Training Center
    Bates Technical College
  • Craig Larsen, President
    Softwood Export Council
  • Scott Marshall, Associate Director
    MetLife Timberland Finance Group
  • Tom Nelson
    Sierra Pacific Industries
  • Paul Owen, Vice President
    VanPort International
  • Robert Tichy, Research Engineer
    Washington State University,
    Composite Materials and Engineering Center